Walks and Hikes in Corfu

Walking and hiking  in Corfu island crafted for travelers who love exploring, enjoy hiking, walking, and adore experiencing the local way. Visit the secret spots of Corfu away from the hustle and bustle, hike through mountain paths and cobblestone alleys. Marvel at the famous olive groves, taste amazing local wines, explore whitewashed villages and castles, and take in the amazing scenery in a responsible and eco friendly way.

This is an ideal opportunity for you enjoy the company of experienced, friendly local people. We offer group and private hiking and walking activities, organized by CorfuTravel Agent and Corfu local hiking club all year round.

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For mainland Greece during summer period, we recommend a day trip to Acherontas river ( 1 hour from Igoumenitsa port ):

Nisaki - Pantokrator Mountain Hike

 Duration:  6hr

Rating: Difficult

Mount Pantokrator (sometimes Pantocrator, Pantōkrator, Παντοκράτωρ in Greek) is a mountain located in north-eastern Corfu. At 906 metres (2,972 ft), it is the highest mountain on the island. At the summit, the whole of Corfu can be seen, as well as Albania which lies a short distance from the island. On particularly clear days it is also possible to see Italy despite it being around 130 km (81 mi) away. At the top there is a café for tourists, a telecommunications station, whose largest tower stands directly over a well and a monastery. 

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South Corfu Nature

  3 hr

Rating: Moderate

This wonderful hike takes you on a circuit of the low ridge of Strogyli mountain( South Corfu ). 
We hike through dense forest of olive, pine, oak and myrtle trees.
You will come across many small chapels and have the chance to admire the heritage Greek Orthodox buildings.
A break here gives excellent photo opportunities and good excuses for a rest and a picnic.

Once sufficiently rested we begin the ascent back up through a mountain track by a different route, that emerges back at the village of  Dafnata

You will require walking boots for support and comfort while walking. It is advisable to wear light long sleeve shirts and light trousers in addition to a sun hat, sun cream sunglasses. 

This guided walk is available on request.
Our walking season is all year round.

Walking conditions: 
The majority of this walk is on clean paths, there is an optional section that is quite adventurous. There are some steep uphill sections but these are quite short; the overall altitude gain is low to moderate.The views are stunning from the summit. Approximately half the walk is on single-track footpaths. 
This tour involves a strenuous 2-mile hike so you must be in good physical condition with the ability to walk uphill for extended periods of time.

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Lakones Path

  3.30 - 4hrs

Rating: Moderate

This a mountain hike takes you on a circuit of the high ridge of Lakones near Paleokastritsa.
Paleokastritsa has long been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Corfu and is a renowned Greek beauty spot, it is hilly and nestles beneath the folds of steep verdant slopes of olive groves and citrus orchards.
You may notice the mountain Greek Village have influence from Greece mainland.
Walking through the traditional village of Lakones  you can see houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, that they surely have some kind of charm.

Sinies old Village


Rating: Moderate

The north-eastern region of Corfu, an island noted for the outstanding beauty and variety of its scenery, is set apart by the harmony of its landscape, a perfect marriage of mountain and sea, forest and olive grove. 
It is thought by many to be one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Mediterranean, and is already home to some of the most desirable properties in Greece. No wonder, then, that it is now one of the most sought-after areas.